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Concrete Contractor albuquerque

Concrete Contractor in Albuquerque

Need a slab on concrete for a patio or driveway in Albuquerque or surrounding areas? Contact us now for a free, no-obligation estimate on concrete pouring!

Concrete albuquerque

Concrete Albuquerque

We do more than just covered patios, we are a concrete contractor in Albuquerque as well!


There are many reasons why someone might want to have a slab of concrete poured. Maybe they are looking to add an outdoor patio or walkway, or perhaps they need a new driveway. No matter the reason, concrete is a great choice for many projects in New Mexico.

When it comes to finding a concrete contractor, you want to make sure you choose someone with experience and who will do the job right. That's where Innovative Design Construction comes in. We're the leading concrete contractor in Albuquerque. We specialize in all of your residential and commercial concrete needs. From concrete pouring to concrete finishing, whatever the need, we have you covered.

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